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Model course5 Seto Ohashi Bridge and Kurashiki Course

Period of Operation

The model course: “Seto Ohashi and Kurashiki Round Tour,” by regular sightseeing bus.

The regular sightseeing bus is a reservation-based coach which runs between sightseeing spots. (You can take the bus without reservations if there are vacant seats.)

For reservation, please call the “Ryobi Bus But Tour Reservation Center” at 086-232-2155 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 086-232-2155 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, or check Ryobi's website for reservation.
Registration time: 9:30 to 17:00

Model course (There are no bus conductors. A tour guide tape will be played.)

Hotel Okura Okayama

The tour bus leaves from Hotel Okura Okayama

The area in front of Okayama Station

If you plan to take the bus tour, take the bus at the Bus Terminal East Gate of Okayama Station. The bus leaves from the Tour Bus Terminal-1.

Seto Ohashi Bridge

This is the largest bridge in the world, having both a road for automobiles and a train line. It connects Shikoku and Honshu.

Yoshima Island (Yoshima Plaza)

The Yoshima Parking Area located at nearly the center of Seto Chuo Express Way (Seto Ohashi Bridge) is the most scenic point in the area, and the only place where you can exit from the bridge.

Seto Ohashi Bridge

The first of three bridge routes connecting between Honshu and Shikoku, this bridge was opened in 1998.

Kurashiki Bikan Area (You may get off the bus here.)

A preservation area designated by the Japanese government and that showcases classical and traditional Japanese architecture, such as the white-walled houses along the Kurashiki River.

Okayama Station

The bus terminal is the place where you exit the bus.

Korakuen Garden(Exit station)


Getting on section

* Fees are the same for physically-challenged people and children.
* The above fee does not include lunch. (The bus stops at Yoshima so that you may choose and enjoy your own lunch there.)
* Depending on the traffic conditions, the observation time may be shortened or arrival time may be late.

Line route map

It sees in a big map.

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Must-see sights

Kamo Taisai (grand festival)

Kamo Taisai (grand festival)

【Bizen Area】 Kibi Chuo-Town

Kamo Taisai (grand festival)

This is one of three major dances in Okayama Prefecture. This is a glorious festival that the miniature shrines come to Soja-goo Shrine in Soja City from eight shrines in adjacent areas.

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English pamphlet of Okayama Prefecture

A pamphlet about Okayama in English can be provided in a form of digital data.
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