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【Bizen Area】Inujima,Higashi Ward,Okayama City

Inujima Island

A plant which used to be used for copper refinery is now revitalized as the Inujima Art Project, “Refinery”. Inujima is an island where legend, history and modern art all exist side-by-side.

Inujima Island Photo

An island where legend, history and modern art all exist side-by-side.

In old days, the island prospered in the Inujima stone (granite) quarrying business. After the copper refinery industry began, the island further prospered.
Since the shutdown of the refinery plant, the island has been used as a place for shooting famous movies and TV dramas. Now, the plant has been revitalized as the “Inujima Art Project” (administered by Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum Foundation), and thus the cultural value of the island is further enhanced.

Inujima Swimming Beach


Okayama's Petit Resort
10 minute walk from the port Inujima. You can enjoy swimming in the mood of the resort overlooking the beautiful islands of the Seto Inland Sea. Curved white sand coastline, is also next to the campsite, enjoy a small resort feel.

TEL: 086-944-5000

Pickup of must-see sights in Inujima

The Inujima the chanting!

Jomon Stone (a stone showing the family emblem)
Eleven stones are gathered in one place, and each of them has a “Mitsudomoe (left-hand wind) mark,” which can be the family emblem of Lord Nabeshima in current Saga Prefecture.
Tenman-gu Shrine
This is a shrine for the god of the village, and is located on a hill on the north side of the old Inujima-Honjima school. Sugawara Michizane is enshrined here together with Yahata-no-ohkami (Yahata high-ranked god) and Kasuga-no-ohkami (Kasuga high-ranked god).
Inujima Camp Site
This is a tent site having a total area of 1.8 hectare (20 tents on the lawn site and another 20 tents on the deck site) in which cooking facilities and toilets are available, in addition to the administration building. Various camping equipment is also available for rent.
Symbolic Chimney
These symbolic chimneys stand in the refinery plant.
Although these are the symbols of the refinery plant, some of them were not used very much before closing of the plant.
Inuishi-myojin Shrine
A dog-like-shaped massive rock (approx. 3.6 meter high and 15 meter around), located on the top of Inu-no-shima Island on the west side of Inujima-honjima (main island) is enshrined as an Inujima-myojin god connected with Sugawara Michizane.

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Sea Kayaking

Inujima Shizen-no-ie (house in the nature)
119-1 Inujima, Higashi-ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture


Inujima Shizen-no-ie (house in the nature)


119-1 Inujima, Higashi-ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture


Train:30 min. from Saidaiji St. of the JR Ako Line by car.
Bus:40 min. by bys headed to Hoden / 8 min. from Hoden Port by boat
Car:20 min. to Hoden Port from Saidaiji IC of Okayama Blue Line by car / 8 min. from Hoden Port by boat

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Must-see sights

Kamo Taisai (grand festival)

Kamo Taisai (grand festival)

【Bizen Area】 Kibi Chuo-Town

Kamo Taisai (grand festival)

This is one of three major dances in Okayama Prefecture. This is a glorious festival that the miniature shrines come to Soja-goo Shrine in Soja City from eight shrines in adjacent areas.

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