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【Mimasaka Area】Tsuyama Castle(Kakuzan Park) 135 Sange, Tsuyama City

Tsuyama Castle, Kakuzan Park

In 2005, the "Bicchu Watchtower", the largest scale watchtower on castle grounds, was restored. It is also known as one of the foremost cherry blossom spots in West Japan, said to boast approximately 1,000 trees.

Kakuzan Park Photo

Let's go to the main sightseeing spots in Tsuyama!

This is a castle built on a small hill in Tsuyama in 1616 by the first load of Tsuyama Clan, Tadamasa Mori. It took 13 years to complete the castle. The castle was completely destroyed at the time the castle was deserted in 1873. However, the “Bitchu Tower”, which used to be the largest tower in the castle, and features Goten-style architecture with tatami mats, was restored in 2005.
Kakuzan Park located in the castle ruin is selected as one of the “100 best cherry blossom watching spots" in Japan.

Sightseeing spots

Tsuyama Castle and Bitchu Yagura Tower
Bitchu Tower is a wooden Irimoya style building, having two partial stories. It is roofed with clay tiles and the outer walls, including eaves, are white-lime plastered.
Shurakuen Garden
A garden a lord constructed in the early Edo Period (17 AD). Elegant Kyoto-style articles can be seen throughout many places in the garden.
Historical Museum of Tsuyama Region
This is a municipal museum of history set up in the old city hall (established in 1934), and introduces the history and culture of the Mimasaka area.
Tsuyama Wonder Museum
Plants and animals around the world, fossils, thousands of exhibits of 20,000 mineral specimens.
Tsuyama Tourist Information Center
An information center for tourists who visit Tsuyama. Here you will find a variety of pamphlets, showing the sightseeing spots of the entire Mimasaka Area. In addition, rental bicycles suitable for sightseeing of central Tsuyama are available here.


15 min. walk from JR Tsuyama Station.

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Must-see sights

Kamo Taisai (grand festival)

Kamo Taisai (grand festival)

【Bizen Area】 Kibi Chuo-Town

Kamo Taisai (grand festival)

This is one of three major dances in Okayama Prefecture. This is a glorious festival that the miniature shrines come to Soja-goo Shrine in Soja City from eight shrines in adjacent areas.

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